What Type of Paranormal Activity Happens on the Terrell Ghost Walk?

Paranormal activity, anywhere, is completely unpredictable.  Manage all expectations.  Some nights are mind-blowing and others fizzle.  

We have 10 years at these locations.  We know the best approaches at each, and the spirits know us.  If they can respond, they will.  If we   don't hear anything at the moment, we will review the audio and usually find things there.  

Factors that increase the likelihood of getting "real-time" responses. 

  • Having a tour with younger guests, 
  • approaching the spirits politely and in a familiar way,
  • warmer weather, 
  • tour groups that are high energy or excited, 
  • thunderstorms that happen shortly before or after a good thunderstorm, 
  • and anytime there is more energy in town, such as big events,  

Be sure to come with a fully charged phone.  Guests capture some pretty compelling things. 

Reserve No​​​​​​w

Reservations are $40 per person.  Tours are limited to 6 guests except for private tours.  Each guest will be able to interact as much as they want and be part of the experience.  You will never get lost in a crowd of 50 people.  You will always hear your tour guide.  

Group discounts are available.

Quality is more important than quantity for us.

​​​​  Re​​​​serv​​​​e N​​​​ow​​!  ​​

Our tours do not follow a preplanned formula but are designed to meet each small group's needs. Our locations will vary with each tour; the length of the tour, the paranormal experiences, and the methods each tour guide uses can change based on each group. You will always get a combination of stories and short investigations, and we will show you some very short examples of successful paranormal investigations at those locations. We have access to the the inside of one location, but it is three stories tall, large, and highly active.

Save Your ​​​​Plac​​​​​​e

We are in the historic Brin Opera House at 102 East Moore Avenue, Terrell, TX 75160.   Your tour guide will let you in at 7:45.

If you are going to be late, please call and let us know. The direct line is 972-546-7536.

   Get Dire​​​​​​ction​​s   

Our group is completely fine with you recording video during the tour as long as it's in small segments. When we do paranormal experiments, we encourage a running video record. If something spectacular happens, you will want documentation of it.

Photos are also highly encouraged. Your tour guide will point out some good areas for possible anamolies.

Short live streaming is fine with us, if you are sure to tag us in the video.

As a rule of policy, our team does not comment on or issue judgments on the photos our tour guests take. Guests are encouraged to use our social media sites to post photos and get the opinions of other guests.

Please be sure to watermark the photo with your name.


Most of the tours occur outside. Wear good walking shoes.  Plan to stand for short periods of time. The walkway is primarily concrete and is about 1/8 of a mile in length. We take a break half-way through to rest, get a drink, and share our own personal paranormal stories.

If it's cold, dress in layers. If it's hot, dress cool and drink plenty of water beforehand. We try to have extra bottled water and soft drinks at the office, just in case.

Check the forecast. If it looks like rain, an umbrella is recommended, although your tour guide will make contingencies for rainy weather.

You will have access to a bathroom before the tour and at our breaking point.


Secure Res​​​​​​​​ervations​​​​​​ss

We offer refunds up to 8 hours prior to the tour. We often have a waiting list and can fill in your reservation. If we can fill your reservations, we will refund your money. No-shows will not receive refunds. You must call or email us to request a refund.

    Reserve ​​​​Now!   

This tour is family friendly.  If we know kids are coming, we take care to make sure they feel included and plan our tour accordingly.  We get more activity when we have younger guests.  The spirits are more active.  The adults will appreciate it too!

    Reserve Now!   

There is ample parking available in front, side, and back of the building. We will start and end at the same location. 

   Reserve ​​​​Now!​​   ​​

How Long Is The Terrell Ghost Walk?

Each tour is different.  It simply depends on the group. Some tours may only run 2 hours, and others may run 4 hours.

The tour guide will take their cue from the group. There are so many stories about places in Terrell, so many areas to investigate, not to mention that the Brin Opera House has many opportunities to launch our paranormal equipment. We work there, but we haven't begun to scratch the surface of possibilities.

Some groups like to spend a little extra time visiting and telling their own personal stories. We do this in the office or head over to the local pub, The Side Street Bar, and talk there (another wonderful place to investigate). Lots of activity. 

No one is required to stay if others want to hang around awhile. Our tour guides will stay as long as the guests want to stay. This is your tour. We feel privileged to be a part of it.

Reser​​​​​​​​ve​​ Now​​​​​​​​!​​​​​​​​

The entire tour is completely accessible. If you have difficulty walking or standing, please bring a mobility aid with you, and our tour guide will make sure you know where all the ramps are.

Reserve Now!​​​​​​​​​​

Tour Guide Using Dowsing Rods on the Terrell Ghost Walk

She is speaking to the men who got haircuts and shaves here in the 40's..

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