The Terrell Ghost Walk

A Thrilling and Unforgettable Experience of the City of Terrell's Paranormal Hotspots.

Small, Intimate Groups of 6 Guests So You Get a Personal, Interactive, Immersive, and Engaging Adventure.

Facilitated by an Experienced Guide, Use Our Paranormal Equipment, to Reach Out to Our Local Spirits. (They Know Us.)

Your Best Opportunity to Witness the Supernatural First-Hand. 

Believers and Skeptics Welcome.  Great Fun for Tweens and Teens Too.

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Featured in Texas Monthly's Ride Texas, WFAA's Road Tripping, CBS News, & 3 Covers of Kaufman County Life.

What makes the Terrell Ghost Walk different from other Texas Ghost Tours?

    • Our small, intimate groups of 6, allowing everyone to get a full experience.
    • Guided investigations at paranormal hotspots where the ghosts often speak back to us
    • A decade of exclusive experience with spirits of the small business district.
    • Family-friendly tours that engage kids and adults alike.
    • ADA Friendly
    • Perfect for special occasions, birthdays, and groups

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You never know who might answer back...

Voices caught on the spirit box during the Terrell Ghost Walk

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Meet Our Tour Guides

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Brenda Newby Terrell Ghost Walk

Brenda Newby

Look, we can't promise she will show up sober, but we keep her around because she owns this company.  She also knows the spirits of the City of Terrell better than anyone else.

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Janine Texas Ghost Walk


A mad woman when it comes to dowsing rod use, her talents for investigating the paranormal don't end there.  Her passion for the paranormal and her confidence with investigation techniques comes naturally.  The biggest thing her guests will tell you about her....  She is loads of fun.

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A passionate woman when it comes to all things paranormal.  She has a photographic memory on the city's haunted history.  She's a quiet soul until it comes to the supernatural and connecting with the other side.

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