Why is Terrell So Haunted

Multiple factors make this place ripe for ghost stories
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Why  is Terrell So Haunted
Terrell Ghosts, Brenda G Newby

The City of Terrell Has So Many Hidden Treasures

Moore Avenue businesses in Terrell have changed throughout time. We found barred tunnel openings in similar cities. We heard there were 3 miles of meandering underpasses that served the town's bank, infirmary, and state-run psychiatric facility, which we'll cover later. These are typical of the prohibition tunnels that occur across the United States.  They were built for the purpose of running moonshine, a very lucrative business at the time.  They are most common in railroad cities, just like Terrell.  So, it’s no surprise to find tunnels here.  I have stood in them myself and know where the access points are.  Currently, they are barricaded off by the city due to the possibility of collapse.  A smart move, if you ask me. 

These structures have many paranormal reports. Most Terrellites are unaware of these tunnels. Afterwards, local kids used the passageways as a secret playground. Our tour passengers reminisced about visiting the underground city as kids.

 Terrell was a prosperous city in the early 19th century. Moore Avenue was full of culture and activities for everyone, according to older residents. Opera houses, billiard halls, general stores, candy stores, and wagon shops have existed. We also mentioned the various beverage shops where younger inhabitants socialized. They were also in many cinema theaters.

 Speakeasys were "underground" bars during Prohibition. According to reports, a male may find a date on the east side of Highway 34. The city's newspaper was reported to have been bet in a five-card stud hand on the Anderson building's top floors. Your final hand determined whether you won or lost. There are Old West-like tales. If you were persistent, you could unearth some old bones that soil erosion had uncovered. The Brin Building’s façade has an actual bullet hole in one of its columns today.  Wild mythology and great stories abound. I'm unsure what's real. Does it matter? These tales enhance little towns. All attractive communities like Terrell have a colorful past that makes them more intriguing years later. We prefer a different story. Our stories cannot be Googled or found on microfiche.

Railroad Magnetism

 Researchers think that deceased loved ones come back to us by using magnetic, static, atmospheric, and electromagnetic energy. If they know how to use this energy well, they can be seen, heard, and even move things, which will surprise people who don't know what's going on. Strangely, the train track that runs next to the small businesses on Moore Avenue is only one city block from the town's busiest street. The team rented space in the Brin Building from someone else. Because I was so far behind, I spent a sleepless night at the office, planning to start work in the morning. You could hear ghosts better if you stayed the night. When I was sleeping on my air mattress that night, the train woke me up about twenty times. That's a lot of magnetic energy that was released into the air, so it's no wonder there were so many ghosts in the office that night. Once the train had past, our proximity meters would flash and beep in response to the energy it had released. There were times when trains made the building shake. As the crossing gets closer and the horn blows, you can feel your body tremble. It was quite the rush. When that train went by, it reminded me of the trade that helped the city grow at the start of the 20th century. That sounds like success, creativity, and hard work. It gives magnetic energy to our spirit ancestors. Tak, a psychic medium we worked with, asked me if the track would stop without a train. Never before. He nervously laughed. "Sometimes I feel like a ghost train speeding through the city," he added. The next morning, I gasped when the tracks closed on their own, and I sat there for five minutes without a train. Since then, other people in Terrell have told of similar things happening. Cargo or travelers?

 Leyline Proximity

 Moore Avenue is possibly located at the intersection of two parallel ley lines. Ley lines are unfamiliar to most people. These migration routes are enigmatic. I'll do my best to elucidate these invisible pathways. Ley lines, purportedly invisible lines that connect spiritual or religious sites, are convoluted, and continue to be the subject of debate. Stonehenge and Easter Island are possibly eligible. Others believe that ley lines transmit electromagnetic energy that can be measured in meters and are particularly sensitive to birds. Many animals' ethmoid sinuses contain a tissue that coordinates them with migratory pathways. I am unsure of the scientific basis for this theory or how it affects Terrell, but many paranormal investigators concur that these lines and their intersections have increased paranormal activity.

 My research indicates that Moore Avenue appears to be parallel to the lines. A believer might presume that Moore Avenue's location on Earth is to blame for the increase in paranormal occurrences. This theory deserves consideration, in my opinion. Few contest the existence of paranormal activity, ghost sightings, and other anomalies in the city. I frequently told our previous tour participants, "I could more readily identify Terrell's non-haunted locations than its haunted ones. I could spend all day cataloguing haunted locations."[BN2] 

 Positive Recollections

 Many souls are reluctant to abandon the city. After reading the BFTS guys' letters and anecdotes in the back of this book, I am convinced that they are still present. Possibly in one of the numerous former soda shops or movie theaters they loved to socialize at. Airborne men often reflected fondly on these gathering places, recalling the youthful antics of themselves and the local girls they met and fell in love with. The boys who wrote these letters all seem to share a common goal of returning to Terrell after the war.

The city's small business owners and residents still have plenty of ideas for making the area even better but no matter what changes, the charm of the city never does. I think the individuals who live here and have lived here in the past are responsible for the enchantment of the place. The deeper we've delved into the city's history, the more we've learned about the generosity, patriotism, and integrity of Terrell's citizens. It was obvious from the start that this location would be difficult to leave. Leaving due to a death experience would be no different.  Many people who live and work in the city think that its spectral residents still return to pay their respects. We feel privileged to share the tales of the spirits that we believe still reside here. It is my fondest wish that, many generations from now, my great-grandchildren will retell tales of our paranormal team's antics as we gleefully pound and knock on walls and slam doors for the astonishment of ghost tour visitors. We will enjoy ourselves with them.

Come visit us on the Terrell Ghost Walk and experience the ghosts of the city of Terrell for yourself.

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