The Terrell Ghost Walk & Paranormal Investigation Tour

Why just listen about other people's paranormal ghost stories, have one of your own?

Reservations Are Limited To 6 Guests Per Tour.  Don't Wait To Secure Your Spot!

Featured in Texas Monthly, WFAA's Road Tripping, CBS News, 3 Covers of Kaufman County Life, The Terrell Tribune, Lookup Kaufman. and East Texas Weekend.

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Event Description

Embark on a Journey Into The Paranormal Hotspots in Terrell's small business district. This is not just a tour, it’s an Opportunity To Open Up Communication With The Specters that still linger in the city of Terrell today.

Join us in Exclusive Groups Of Just 6 Guests each tour ensuring a Deeply Personal & Interactive Experience​. You’re not just an observer, you’re an active participant.

Guided by a knowledgeable tour guide, you’ll get Hands-On Experience With Commonly Used Paranormal Tools, such as the spirit box, dowsing rods, REM Pods, K2 meters, and the Ovilus.  All with the intention of reaching out to the spirits that call Terrell home.  

They’re Familiar With Us, And Often Willing To Communicate.  If the spirits are willing to speak, as they often do, it’s Real, Tangible, and Right in Front of You.

Whether you’re a firm believer in the paranormal, a curious skeptic, or somewhere in between, you’re welcome here.. So step into the unknown, and discover a side of Terrell you never knew existed even if you live here.

This Haunted Experience Has Limited Availability.  Don't Wait!

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When Are Tours Offered

Friday and Saturday nights at 8 PM until about 11 PM. 

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  Need An Earlier Tour?​     Private Tour?     Have A Group?   

 Contact Us 

We have several awesome tour guides who would love to guide your experience. 
 Even on the weekends.

Where Do We Meet

   Historic Brin Opera House

Our physical address is:  102 East Moore Avenue, Terrell, TX 75160

It is the 3 story building in a long business complex on the end.  Southeast corner of Moore Avenue and Catherine.  There is a large "Edward Jones" sign posted on the front of the building.  A long, beautiful circus mural is memorialized on the West wall.

We unlock the lobby doors at 7:45 and your tour guide will be there to great you.

Brin Opera House Terrell Ghost Walk Address

The Historic Brin Opera House:  Built in 1880,

Map It!

Details & Amenities

Everyone should be able to enjoy our tour.  

We make sure to provide accommodations. 

  Family-Friendly ​     ADA Accessible BAck Pain Friendly Assist W/ Pain

  Restrooms Available (Gender Neutral Option) ​  Photo/Video Encouraged                

  Ample Parking ​       Cold Drinks/Light Snacks           ​  Wi-Fi  ​    

Let us know what your needs are.  We are happy to help.

Prices For Reservations and Payment Options

Prices are for individual reservations.

If you would like to make a reservation but need to pay it out in installments?  No problem.  We will work it out with you.  Just Contact Us and we will work out an arrangement with you.

Register your tour at least a week early.


Adult Reservation


Age 12 or Younger


Groups of 6 or More

If you need us to send invoices to individual guests or pay out in installments, just Contact Us.  We will work with you on that and will hold your group booking too.


Where Do We Go On The Terrell Ghost Walk and Paranormal Investigation and What Do We Do?

All of our tours vary but there are some fairly common areas we like to visit because we know there are places we get regular responses.  Most of the tour takes place outdoors, but we have access to the Brin Building, which was built in the 1880s and is a haunted building itself.  

We use a variety of tools to communicate, some of these are commonly used on the paranormal television shows.  

  • Dowsing rods
  • Spirit Box
  • K2 Meters
  • REM-Pod
  • Ovilus

Frequently Asked Questions

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You never know who might answer back...

Voices caught on the spirit box during the Terrell Ghost Walk

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Meet Our Tour Guides

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Brenda Newby Terrell Ghost Walk

Brenda Newby

Look, we can't promise she will show up sober, but we keep her around because she owns this company.  She also knows the spirits of the City of Terrell better than anyone else.

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Janine Texas Ghost Walk


A mad woman when it comes to dowsing rod use, her talents for investigating the paranormal don't end there.  Her passion for the paranormal and her confidence with investigation techniques comes naturally.  The biggest thing her guests will tell you about her....  She is loads of fun.

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A passionate woman when it comes to all things paranormal.  She has a photographic memory on the city's haunted history.  She's a quiet soul until it comes to the supernatural and connecting with the other side.

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