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Paranormal Course Description

We have limited details to share at this time but there is more to come. Be sure to complete the form to register your interest and we will update you as things evolve.  There are limited spaces with this deep discount.

We are asked all of the time, "How do I become a paranormal investigator?".  

This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills you need to explore the fascinating world of the paranormal from established, decades long organizations with more conservative views. We will also explore the latest theories, ideas, and speculations arrived at through experimental techniques.  These include techniques and equipment used by seasoned paranormal investigators, in the field, with successful results.  

The Workshop Has Three Levels Of Participation Available, But Not All Are Required. 

Level 1  On-Site Workshop: 

Participation at the in-person workshop discuss the most current agreed upon theories and techniques of paranormal investigation. You will also practice what you learn with hands-on exercises and experiments.   I expect the entire workshop will take the entire day to get in all material, demonstrations, and practical experiments. We will begin at 10 AM and expect to end around 10 PM. Lunch and dinner breaks will be an hour each and on your own. There will also be shorter breaks during the day. The material will be arranged to keep your engagement and help prevent being burned out. You will receive a certificate of completion for the workshop.

Level 2  Online Assessments and Access to Paranormal Course Materials: 

You will complete additional online exercises, quizzes, and discussions with guidance from your instructor. You will also have access to online course materials, forums, mailing groups, and other benefits. You will receive a certificate of achievement on satisfactory completion and will gain access to other incentives, to be determined, for passing this level.  

Level 3 Use Your New Skills at a Haunted Location:

You will join us for an overnight investigation at a verified haunted location. You will apply your skills and knowledge in a real-world setting, with support and feedback from your instructor and peers. You will also have the chance to witness and document paranormal activity for yourself. You will also gain access to some great incentives if you have completed this level, to be determined. Cost: TBD but will vary depending upon night of the week, location, and number of participants. Overhead varies widely depending upon those factors.) 

Costs And Fees

You can sign up for Level 1 and 2 together at a discounted price before the workshop or choose to upgrade to Level 2 after the workshop for a slightly higher fee. Please note that only participants who complete Level 2 will have access to Level 3. 

  • Level One Beta Discount:  $40
  • Level Two Beta Discount:  $40
  • Level One and Two Discount Purchased Together:  $60
  • Level Three:  TBD but several opportunities will be available throughout the year at highly variable rates.

Miscellaneous Costs:

Although we may suggest some optional items or reference books for purchase, we will provide any equipment for you during the course or if you participate in the haunted location. No purchases are required, and you will find many items useful during online experiments, on-hand already.   

Who Can Benefit From This Paranormal Course:

This course is intended for those considering paranormal investigation, those that are newer to the field, but seasoned investigators won’t be turned away.  Don't miss this chance to join us for a beta test at a reduced cost and help us shape the future of paranormal investigation. 

Register For Updates

To register your interest and get more details, please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon.  Please note, spaces are extremely limited to this first deeply discounted course.  We will attempt to reach you via email, text, and phone call.  Places are filled as soon as payment is fulfilled.  We contact interests requests in the same order your registered here:  

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Date & Time
Saturday August 31, 2024
10:00 AM 10:00 PM (America/Chicago)

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+1 972-546-7536
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