Brenda Newby

Owner / Paranormal Investigator / Tour Guide / Director of Operations / Mutual UFO Field Investigator / Paranormal Author / Parapsychologist / Podcaster / Speaker


After an experience with her son and mother, Brenda became a paranormal investigator in 2012. She demands greater education, team collaboration, and practical experimentation to legitimize investigation. She views evidence objectively.

Brenda has been pursuing a 4-year parapsychology credential at Duke University's Rhine Research Center. Rhine has been using science to understand the phenomenon of psychic abilities since 1926 and is a leading authority on the subject.

Brenda is a qualified field investigator with the 1969-founded Mutual UFO Network, the world's foremost UFO authority.

She is also a host on the podcast. Terrell Paranormal Talk

Brenda is also a regular speaker at paraconferences.

She believes we should embrace the paranormal as proof that our loved ones are still with us, and as we understand more about the paranormal experiences around us, it will eliminate our fear of the unknown.

And YES!  She does her own stunts!

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Brenda is an active member with:

Mutual UFO Network

Rhine Research Center and Educational Center

The Parapsychology Association

Terrell Chamber of Commerce

Kaurman Chamber of Commerce