Unknown Aerial Phenomenon and Government Disclosure Part 1

S1 E8
January 17, 2024 by
Unknown Aerial Phenomenon and Government Disclosure Part 1
Terrell Ghosts, Brenda G Newby

Published on 3/24/22 Length:  25.50 ​Hosted by:  Brenda and Mary Jo


The government has acknowledged and declassified videos of UFO or UAP footage taken by the military.  The release of this footage has resulted in a new Pentagon program whose sole purpose is to collect future footage, reported sightings, and communication between other nations.  The news is exciting, frightening, and intriguing.  Currently, we wait until more information is assessed and analyzed so identification can be made.  No doubt, we are dealing with a craft that may threaten global security or, possibly, extraterrestrials trying to observe our earthly behaviors.  While we wait, we will keep you updated on the details.

See some of the navy's footage here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz-6jRrbtuI


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