Silly Kids, Aliens Don't Exist

S1 E17
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Silly Kids, Aliens Don't Exist
Terrell Ghosts, Brenda G Newby

Published on 08/06/22 Length:  44.01 ​Hosted by:  Brenda and Mary Jo 


What does a parent, teacher, or principal say when 61 children run in from recess claiming they saw "little grey men with big eyes?" They say, "That didn't happen." But it did. Not in Australia, in Zimbabwe, and certainly not in Massachusetts, U.S., but it did.

There is absolutely positively no way that it happened in Seagoville, Texas at the school I attended as a child, the blacktop I played on, and the tree I often stared at in awe because the sky seemed to go on forever above it. It did, however, happen to a man I know.My mother knew that man's father well. That man's father lived across the street from me for years. The other years, while his son and he were being abducted, they lived a quarter mile from us, as the crow flies.

That man's name was Byron Lacy. He was abducted at the age of 5 for the first time. His school story was bizarre, but there are even weirder abduction stories out there, with dozens of children taken at once, all around the world. In Zimbabwe, they told the students that technology was catastrophic. Those children were interviewed and couldn't even pronounce "technology." I just recently learned of another case. I'll address that later.

UAPs and ETs seem to be a big trend right now. Are they trying to tell us something? I believe they are.

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