Don’t Mind the Demon Living in the Backyard

S1 E9
January 17, 2024 by
Don’t Mind the Demon Living in the Backyard
Terrell Ghosts, Brenda G Newby

Published on 3/30/22 Length:  23.51 ​Hosted by:  Dayton


Our client witnessed a strange 12-foot shadow creature suddenly appear in her backyard.  It ran several feet before abruptly disappearing into thin air.  Soon after, she was startled to see it leaning down and watching her through the kitchen window.  After reaching out to our team, we investigated.  We witnessed the entity jumping through the treetops as it evaded our cameras.  Our experience was far from over.  It infiltrated our team, causing disruption between members and general chaos.  Paranormal investigators Dayton and Mary Jo discuss their experience with this demonic force before it ripped our team apart.



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